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Senior Project for American Intercontinental University


Tiffany Campbell

Senior Project

American Intercontinental University

Red Thorn Christian Entertainment


Introduction Letter

Tiffany Campbell

J. T. Creationz

1111 Main St

Tulsa, OK 74106

January 9, 2010

Dina Smith


Red Thorn Christian Entertainment

99 Ipsum Lane           

Owasso, OK 99999


Dear Ms. Smith

     Thank you for choosing J. T. Creationz for your Artistic Design and Promotional needs. We are excited to be working with such a talented group of individuals to create your unique new logo, CD, promotional flyers, business cards, and T-shirt designs.

     Within the proposal you will find a timeline scheduled for the 5 week time frame that was requested.  This includes the budget for the artistic elements and personnel needed to complete the tasks required.  This will also include a payment schedule.

     I will be contacting you soon to setup a meeting to approve samples for the designs.  If there is a need to contact us before then, please feel free.

     I look forward to working more with you.


Tiffany Campbell                   

Owner – J. T. Creationz

     Red Thorn Christian Entertainment is a group of talented individuals that enjoy praising the Lord through song and worship and using proceeds from their shows to benefit those that are less fortunate with food, clothing, and other donations. They enjoy bringing soothing Christian musical taste to weddings and other events.  Sales from their C.D. and T-shirts go towards helping them minister to those in need.  They are working on their first official C.D.  Red Thorn – Hands of Faith.  They have been bringing music and entertainment to the Christian people for just over a year.  Red Thorn was started by Dina Smith in 2008.

     Red Thorn Christian Entertainment has turned to J. T. Creationz designer Tiffany Campbell to finally create a brand name for their music c.d. and other marketing designs to help spread the word. This will be the first time Red Thorn has expanded into the national market.

     J.T. Creationz is experienced in web development, poster and flyer designs, c.d. graphics and other art and professional design.  Established in 2003, in her home as a freelance designer, Tiffany began making simple images and animations. Since 2008, she expanded into web design and professional print design. This was first called Tiffania Designz.  Joining with her fiance’ Jimmy in 2009, they decided to start J.T. Creationz and have expanded into more of a web based design business that has taken flight.



In order to suit the needs of Red Thorn Christian Entertainment, J. T. Creationz will create the following deliverables:

  • New Brand Logo for Red Thorn Christian Entertainment
    • Main logo for c.d. design
    • T-Shirt Variation
  • Letterhead for business correspondence
  • C.D. Packaging
    • Front cover
    • Inside Design
    • C.D. Design
    • Back Cover
  • T-shirt Design
  • Business Cards
  • Posters


Business Plan

Timeline (a week-by-week breakdown of the major tasks and deliverables):


  • Week 1
    • Meet with client to determine budget, needs, and deliverables
    • Research vendors to complete job (silk-screening, printing, ect.)
    • Submit proposal for approval with client
    • Collect 25% of payment due 
    • Week 2
      • Design Logo and submit for approval
      • Design Business card samples and submit for approval
      • Design C.D. Packaging and submit for approval
      • Design T-shirt samples for approval
      • Forward approved designs to be completed (silk screening, printing, ect)
      • Week 3
        • Send out approved business card designs for printing
        • Submit C.D. Packaging for printing
        • Begin Marketing Poster Design and submit for approval
        • Collect 25% of payment due
        • Week 4
          • Finalize Poster and send out for printing
          • Send out Company Letterhead to be printed on stationary
          • Proof business cards from printers
          • Proof T-shirt design from silk screeners
          • Proof finished C. D. packaging
          • Approve all other items needed
          • Week 5
            • Deliver C.D.’s to client
            • Deliver Business cards to client
            • Deliver posters to client
            • Deliver T-shirts to client
            • Deliver stationary to client
            • Collect last payment 50%


Personnel needs:

Web Designer


@48 hrs

Art Director


@24 hrs



@20 hrs

Total Cost


@ 92 hrs


Design Services:

Logo Design

@ 10 Hours    

Business Card

@5 Hours


@ 11 Hours

C.D Packaging

@25 hours


@ 5 Hours


@ 12 Hours

Total Hours

92 hours





T-shirts White

1000 X $2.00 per shirt


T-shirts Black

1000x $2.00 per shirt



2000 total shirts






CD Packaging Design Concept (NCTM, 2010)

1@       $4000.00

CD Book

4000@ $2.50 a book

Business cards (Vistaprint, 2010)

1000@ $5.99 per 250 cards

Personnel Costs


Materials Costs Total


Marketing Cost (Gaebler, 2001-2009)

             $5000.00 @ $50 x 1000 30sec   Radio ads

Posters – 100 Gloss text

2500 @ $30 per poster




 Project Goals:

     The ultimate goal of this project is to design a logo concept that can be used to promote Red Thorn Christian Entertainment.  Using local radio stations to broadcast a pre-recorded ad supplied by RTCE, we are able to market their sound on multiple radio stations around Oklahoma and the surrounding states.  This will help to increase sales of their C.D.’s and T-shirts.  This will also allow people outside the local area to hear a sample of their music and contact them for entertainment needs.

     Creating the posters allows RTCE to post ads for their services wherever they would like to increase business.  The business cards, stationary, and company logo, allow customers to be able to visually identify with Red Thorn instead of word of mouth advertising. They also allow for professional business correspondence that was not available prior to the project.


Acceptance Letter

Dina Smith


Red Thorn Christian Entertainment

99 Ipsum Lane           

Owasso, OK 99999

February 6, 2010


Tiffany Campbell

J. T. Creationz

1111 Main St

Tulsa, OK 74106


Dear Ms. Campbell

     Thank you for working so hard at  J. T. Creationz for our business needs.  I wish to personally say that you have achieved the goals we set for you. I am also pleased to say that we accept the timeline that you specified.

     We also accept the designs that you specified. Thank you for making the necasary adjustments. We plan to work with you again in the future and will recommend you to other groups that need items created for their businesses and churches. Again thank you very much. We look forward to the receipt of the final items.


     Dina Smith


     Red Thorn Christian Entertainment


Inspiration For Design

Crowns of thorns:   

Symbols meaning Thorn: 

Misc Christian Symbols:


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